Steelprices-global.comis a pricing venture of www.SteelGuru.com, which provides a one-of-a-kind information portal to assist individuals and companies within the steel industry and allied materials industries.

The service is not operational as yet. However you can use our contact form to register your interest, so that we can contact you once the site is operational.

SteelGuru has already launched pricing services
Middle East Asia (www.steelprices-middleeast.com)
India (www.steelprices-india.com)
China (www.steelprices-china.com)

SteelGuru services are relied upon by people conducting business throughout the steel industry at steel mills, traders, distributors, stock holders, service centers, suppliers, end users, logistics and shipping companies, banks and financial institutions, associations and government bodies.

SteelGuru is operated by a team consisting of several steel industry insiders as well as IT professionals. SteelGuru is owned and supported by the Major & Minor Group.
Currency Rates
23 Apr, 2014
USD 1.0000
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CNY 6.2432
EUR 0.7236
GBP 0.5941
INR 61.0087
JPY 102.5444
RUB 35.7243
ZAR 10.5481